The research project „Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS)“ investigates the oldest independently developed writing system in the Germanic languages, the runic script.
As a means of communication this script was used in different variants in large regions of Europe (with centres in the German-speaking area, in Great Britain and Scandinavia) over a period of more than 1,400 years. In these languages, it preceded and for a long co-existed with Latin literacy.


Kiel (project co-ordination)

Prof. Dr. Edith Marold

Dr. Christiane Zimmermann


„Südgermanische Runeninschriften“
Prof. Dr. Klaus Düwel

„Runica Manuscripta“
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heizmann


Prof. Dr. Gaby Waxenberger

PD Dr. Kerstin Kazzazi