Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Research projects within the Academies’ Programme

Among the German programmes of research funding, that of the Union of the German Academies is one of the biggest and most significant, as far as the humanities are concerned. The programme has been in operation since 1979, it targets long-term tasks – mostly in the humanities – for joint financing by both the Federation and the respective individual States. The eight German Academies of Sciences and Humanities carry out a total of 160 projects within the Union of the German Academies’ programme, 24 of which are at present under the responsibility of the Göttingen Academy. Individual research projects in this programme are selected in a stringent, multi-step evaluation procedure. The Union of the German Academies coordinates the programme; the individual projects are carried out and managed by the respective applicant Academy which appoints a steering committee for each individual project.

The research projects of the Göttingen Academy are lucidly presented in the brochure  "Kulturelles Erbe mit Zukunft" ('Cultural Heritage with a Future’) which was published by the end of 2010 in an updated second edition. The brochure can be requested at the Headquarters of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The first edition of "Kulturelles Erbe" can be downloaded from here as a pdf-document.