Solidarität mit der Ukraine


Die Akademienunion als Dachorganisation der acht deutschen Wissenschaftsakademien, zu denen auch die Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen gehört, verurteilt den Einmarsch russischer Truppen in die Ukraine in dieser gemeinsamen Stellungnahme:

Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine by the Union of Academies

The Union of the eight German Academies of Sciences and Humanities condemns the Russian Government‘s barbaric attack on Ukraine, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, of international law and the framework for peace in Europe.

We see the Russian invasion as a blatant assault on the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy and self-determination, which provide the basis for academic freedom and scientific cooperation.

Together with the European Association of Academies ALLEA, our Union has for a long time enjoyed a fruitful cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. In these difficult times we declare our unconditional solidarity with the people and the scientific community of Ukraine, and we are fully committed to maintaining our contacts and cooperations on every level.

We acknowledge the Russian and Belarussian scientists and citizens who are ashamed of this attack and who speak out against the war. Our Union contributes to programmes in support of endangered scientists from all three countries.