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Monasteries, Collegiate Churches and Convents of the Holy Roman Empire

Current Status of the Database

Monasteries, collegiate churches, and convents included in Germania Sacra volumes. The database allows direct access to all those monographs on monasteries, convents and collegiate churches published by the project and available in digital form. The entries on communities in the database also list those clerics associated with the respective religious houses who appear in Germania Sacra’s publications. Entries on such clerics are linked to the Germania Sacra’s digital index of persons as well as the corresponding locations in the digitised volumes. This provides further opportunities for research.

Institutions. All cathedral chapters in the territory of the Holy Roman Empire are included in the database and linked with entries to cathedral clerics in Germania Sacra’s digital persons index, which is again connected to locations in the digitised volumes.


Regional Reference Works on Monasteries ("Klosterbücher") and scientific Online Databases from which information relevant to the Germania Sacra has been adopted:

  • Brandenburgisches Klosterbuch (ed. by Heinz-Dieter Heimann etc., 2007)
  • Mecklenburgisches Klosterbuch (ed. by Wolfgang Huschner etc., 2016)
  • Niedersächsisches Klosterbuch (ed. by Josef Dolle, 2012)
  • Nordrheinisches Klosterbuch (Parts 1 and 2; ed. by Manfred Groten etc., 2009–2012)
  • Pfälzisches Klosterlexikon (Volumes 1-5; ed. by Jürgen Keddigkeit etc., 2014–2019)
  • Westfälisches Klosterbuch (Parts 1–2; ed. by Karl Hengst, 1992–2003)
  • Helvetia Sacra. Historische Darstellung der Bistümer, Klöster und Stifte der Schweiz (2007), Online database: https://www.helvetiasacra.ch

Reference works and online resources on the history of religious orders:

  • Verzeichnis der Stifte der Augustiner-Chorherren und -Chorfrauen (Alfred Wendehorst, Stefan Benz, 1996)
  • Germania Benedictina (Volume 1-12; ed. by Bayerischen Benediktinerakademie, 1970-2014)
  • Monasticon Carmelitanum (Edeltraut Klüting, 2012)
  • Verzeichnis der Säkularkanonikerstifte der Reichskirche (Alfred Wendehorst, Stefan Benz, 2. Edition 1997)