Application for the Academies' Programme

The call for proposals for the research programme of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities (Academies Programme) for 2026 can be found here.

Information for applicants of new projects for the Academies Programme can be found here.

Admissions Procedure for New Projects to the Academies Programme

(Since November 2013)

Project proposals for the Academies Programme are carefully examined by the Göttingen Academy in a multi-stage selection process before a project application can be submitted to the Union of German Academies. This process is mainly carried out by the Academy’s Project Commission, which was set up specifically for new projects and supports and accompanies the development of the application during the selection procedure.


Pre-proposals for projects that are eligible for the Academies Programme are discussed by the Project Commission. It decides whether to forward the pre-proposals to the responsible class(es). If there is a fundamental willingness there to supervise the project, the applicants are asked to develop a project proposal. At the same time, the class(es) are asked to submit a list of reviewers for the initial evaluation of the project proposal.

Project Proposals

Submitted project proposals will be examined by the Project Committee for their suitability for the initial evaluation. The initial evaluation is carried out in written form by three experts appointed by the Union of Academies. As soon as the evaluations are available, the Project Commission discusses the application in light of the expert responses and decides on a recommendation for admission to the relevant class. If the class and Executive Board agree with this recommendation, the Göttingen Academy applies to the Union of German Academies for inclusion of the planned project in the funding allotted by the Academies Programme.