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The series Prussia Sacra, a historical description of the Church in the German order county Prussia, contains publications of Polish and German historians about the history of the former Prussian dioceses and the clergy in Prussia (unitl 1525), in the dioceses of Ermland, Kulm, Pomesanien and Samland. The Prussia Sacra’s structure and arrangement is similar to that of the Germania Sacra books. Until 2007 series was published by Universität Thorn and Max-Planck-Institut für Geschichte, in the department of the Germania Sacra and, was supported by the Polnische Historische Mission in Göttingen. The volumes are written in German, but include an extensive summary, written in the Polish language. The series was published by Universitätsverlag Thorn.

Published Volumes until 2007:

  • PS 1: Mario Glauert, Das Domkapitel von Pomesanien (1284–1527). Toruń 2003
  • PS 2: Radosław Biskup, Das Domkapitel von Samland (1285–1525). Toruń 2007
  • PS 3: Marc Jarzebowski, Die Residenzen der preußischen Bischöfe bis 1525. Toruń 2007

Further Information and new volumes since 2008:

Polnische Historische Mission an der Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg