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With more than 80,000 entries, the Digital Index of Persons offers information on a broad spectrum of ecclesiastical and worldly personnel who were of importance for the history of dioceses, monasteries, convents and collegiate churches in medieval and the Early Modern times.  

In prosopographical overviews and (short) biographies, the ecclesiastical staff of cathedral chapters, collegiate churches, convents and monasteries are described. This includes provosts, abbots and abbesses, and a multitude of cathedral canons, secular canons and canonesses as well as monks and nuns. Worldly rules, such as emperors and kings as well as a variety of local aristocracy are shown in the context of ecclesiastical history in the Holy Roman Empire.

Among other things, the database allows access to the comprehensive and fundamental biographies on the bishops of the Holy Roman Empire, which were published in the series of Germania Sacra volumes.

The digital editions of the Germania Sacra Volumes can be read online, downloaded or searched in the full text mode.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this database is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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