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Imperium and Barbaricum: Roman Expansion and Presence in Germania on the Right Bank of the Rhine

The commission "Imperium and Barbaricum: Roman Expansion and Presence in Germania on the Right Bank of the Rhine" was formed in 2000 by members of the Academy. Its task is to scientifically accompany the excavations on the Roman-Germanic battlefield of Kalkriese (north of Osnabrück) as well as on other sites of the Augustan-Early Imperial period in north-western Germany. In doing so, the commission works closely together with scholars of the University of Osnabrück. In 2004, the commission organized the international conference "Rom, Germanien und die Ausgrabungen von Kalkriese" ("Rome, Germania and the excavations of Kalkriese"); the conference proceedings were published in 2007 in the papers of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen. In 2009 an international colloquium on the topic "Fines imperii - imperium sine fine? - Römische Grenz- und Okkupationspolitik im frühen Principat" ("Fines imperii - imperium sine fine? - Roman Border and Occupation Politics in the Early Principat"); the conference volume was published in 2011 in the Osnabrücker Forschungen zu Altertum und Antiken-Rezeption, Volume 14. The volume for the 2012 conference, "Über die Alpen und über den Rhein - Beiträge zu den Anfängen und dem Verlauf der römischen Expansion nach Mitteleuropa" ("Over the Alps and over the Rhine - Contributions to the Beginnings and Course of Roman Expansion into Central Europe") was published in 2015 in the Academy's Papers, Volume 37. The commission will continue to deal with Kalkriese as well as important archaeological new finds (e.g. the Roman camp Hachelbich in Thüringen).

From November 28-30, 2018, a conference was held on the topic "Die Bedeutung des kulturellen Transfers für die Herausbildung religiöser Landschaften" ("The Significance of Cultural Transfer for the Formation of Religious Landscapes") ( more ).