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Research Unit Eichstätt-München

The research unit Eichstätt-München deals with the Old English and the Frisian runic inscriptions and their relation to each other.

Contact: PD Dr. Kerstin Kazzazi, Prof. Dr. Gaby Waxenberger




Research Unit Göttingen:

The research unit Göttingen focuses on the North Germanic Runica Manuscripta, contained in manuscripts in Scandinavia, on the continent and also in the British Isles.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heizmann, Julia-Sophie Heier




Research Unit Kiel (project coordination):

The research unit Kiel deals with the runic inscriptions in the older fuþark (North Germanic and South Germanic inscriptions) and with the inscriptions in the younger fuþąrk/fuþork.

Contact: Dr. Christiane Zimmermann