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The inscriptions of the ptolemaic temple of Edfu

Temple houses one of the largest collections of hieroglyphic texts

How did the Ptolemies live in Egypt? What can we learn about their religion, their political history and their administration? It's about these key issues and a lot more the scientists of the Edfu-project are dealing with by translating the hieroglyphic texts of the temple of Edfu, and by annotating and digitazing the extensive data sets. Since 2002, the Academy of Sciences and Humanities of Göttingen is in charge of the Edfu project, which is financed by the "Academies' Programme".

The Ptolemies came to Egypt in 332 BC with Alexander the Great and ruled the country until the Romans conquered it 30 BC. During this time they built impressive temples including the one of the god Horus in Edfu, about 100 kilometers south of Luxor. This temple is almost completely preserved, the inscriptions are one of the most extensive collections of hieroglyphic texts of the ptolemaic period, and are therefore of great importance for philology.