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The databases of the Edfu-Project

In 1999 we started to develop a database software to improve the quality of our translations by getting a better access to internal parallels. The so-called 'Edfu Explorer' combines the formular (texts of Edfou V-VIII) with the gods list (a list of all gods mentioned in Edfu), the toponym list (a list of all places mentioned in Edfu), the word list (vocabulary with Edfu-specific orthography) and even the photographic material (ca. 15.000 photos).

This database application is by far the most important tool of the project. The formular contains more than 10.300 records, the toponym list ca. 1.250 records, the gods list about 9.500 records and the word list about 4.600 from approx. 16.000.

The new Edfu-Explorer 2012 is capable not only to show the relevant records (transliteration and translation) of a given search inquiry but also photographic material, the Chassinat version, internal collations and secondary literature. Additionally we are working on a way to link these records to a virtual temple model, to get the exact position of the resulting records in a three-dimensional view.

The texts of the Chassinat-volumes VII and VIII are accessible by an online version of the Edfu Explorer (IN GERMAN). For questions concerning the volumes V and VI please contact the Edfu-Project directly:

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