SAPERE XVI: On the daimonion of Socrates. Human liberation, divine guidance and philosophy

- Plutarch

On the daimonion of Socrates. Human liberation, divine guidance and philosophy, eingeleitet, übersetzt und mit interpretierenden Essays versehen von Heinz-Günther Nesselrath / Donald A. Russell / George Cawkwell / Werner Deuse / John M. Dillon / Robert Parker / Christopher Pelling / Stephan Schröder, Tübingen 2010.

Plutarch’s dialogue On the daimonion of Socrates is a unique combination of exciting historical romance and serious philosophical and religious discussion: A narrator from Boeotian Thebes tells his Athenian friend how Thebes was liberated from Spartan domination in a fateful night of midwinter 379/8 BC and connects this with the retelling of a fascinating philosophical discussion about the famous daimonion of Socrates in the afternoon and evening before. Besides presenting an introduction, a revised Greek text, and a new English translation (with copious notes), the volume offers a range of essays on themes providing further insights into this masterly literary piece: on the historical, religious and philosophical background and on thematic connections with other works by Plutarch.

Corrigenda for SAPERE XVI On the daimonion of Socrates.


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