Germania Sacra Digital – Getting started

Germania Sacra Digital offers you Open Access to the digitalized volumes of the Germania Sacra, which you can access and download as full text pdf-files. To search in the downloaded files, you can use the search function of the respective pdf-program.

Using the Repository

The full text pdf-files of the Germania Sacra are offered in the repository of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities, res doctae. In order to limit your search results to the Germania Sacra, you have to ensure that you are in the community “Germania Sacra”. You will find direct access to the digitalized volumes of the Germania Sacra at or via the publication lists on the website of the Germania Sacra

Search functions

For searching the volumes of Germania Sacra in the repository (res doctae) you can use the simple search or the advanced search which is working with search filters. The simple search not only browses the full texts of the volumes but also the metadata.

Search operators

Two or more terms in the search field are combined automatically with the search operator “and”.

The search is case insensitive.

To eliminate items with unwanted words, put a minus sign (-) in front of a word, e.g. erzbistum -köln.

To look for phrases, the keywords have to be entered in the requested order and put in quotation marks, e.g. “erzbistum trier”.

You can use place holders for your search: The asterisk (*) substitutes any number of characters at the end of the search item. The question mark (?) replaces any characters within the search item. Examples: bist* finds bistum and bistümer; ja?ob finds jacob and jakob.

Search filter: To specify your search, you can use search filters. The search filter will only be applied to the metadata fields title, author, subject, date issued.

You can also limit your search results by using the drill down function.

Search results – Hit list

The search results can be ordered in descending as well as in ascending order by relevance, author, issue date, series and title. As a standard feature, the hit list is arranged in descending order.

Please note, you won't get a snippet view of your search results. Instead, the hit list will show the pdf-files in which your search terms are mentioned.


You can browse the volumes according to date of publication, author, title or the order of publication ("series").