The research unit Eichstätt-München deals with the Old English and the Frisian runic inscriptions and their relation to each other. On the basis of a comprehensive linguistic investigation, there will be a re-evaluation of the long-standing question of whether there are two corpora, i.e. an Old English and a Frisian one, or whether the possibility of there being actually only one joint Anglo-Frisian corpus should be taken into consideration.

In the context of the theoretical-methodological preparation of Modules II "Runic Graphemics" and III "Runic Text Grammar and Pragmatics", interdisciplinary meetings with archaeologists, historians and art-historians are held on a regular basis, e.g. in the "Old English Runes Workshop: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Methodology" (2012), the conference "Across the North Sea" (2014) organized by the Fries Museum Leeuwarden or smaller workshops, e.g. at the Norwich Castle Museum.


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