Papers and Conference Participations 2017

1) Participation in the Workshop of the AG "eHumanities", 18.–20.10.2017, Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz (
Edith Marold and Jens-Uwe Bahr took part as members of the RuneS project group. Jens-Uwe Bahr presented a paper on „Digitale Erfassung und Beschreibung runischer Funde und Schriftzeichen im RuneS Projekt“.

2) Paper at the ISAS 2017, Bi-annual conference of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, 02.08.2017, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA:
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Project Report RuneS“.

3) Paper at the Symposium Medieval Language Studies in Germany Today, Dictionary of Old English, 15.08.2017, Toronto, Canada:
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Runic Inscriptions and Runology“.

4) Paper at the 23. Arbeitstagung der Skandinavistik (ATdS), 27.–29.09.2017 in Kiel (
Krüger, Jana: „Die Dichtung der Wikinger: Skaldische und Runische Dichtung im Vergleich“.

5) Paper in the lecture series „Digital Humanities and the Study of the Past“, 08.11.2017, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic:  
Majewski, Kerstin: „Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS) and A Reconstruction of the Ruthwell Cross's Runic Text“.

Papers and Conference Participation 2016

1) Presentation of the RuneS project (in co-operation with the research units Kiel and Eichstätt-München) at the Convention of Academies 2016 in Hamburg (Akademientag 2016) on 18 May 2016: 
The project was represented by a stand in the "project street", enabling visitors to gather information about runic writing in all its facets via visual material on various runic inscriptions, replicas of objects with runic inscriptions and information material on the different rune rows. In talks with the project members and hands-on activity in writing runes, visitors were able to gain a deeper insight into runological work.

2) Paper at the conference Epigraphics in an intermedial context, 16–18 November 2016, Oslo:
Bauer, Alessia: „Manuscript runes in an intermedial perspective“.

3) Paper at the conference Anglo-Saxons 2016: Exchange: Cultures, Ideas and Materials, Edinburgh:
Roschdi, Livia: „Runic Links between Anglo-Saxon England and Frisia: The Case of the Combs“.

4) Paper at the ICEHL, University of Duisburg-Essen, September 2016:
Roschdi, Livia: „Frisian Combs – Linguistic Explorations“.

5) Workshop at the conference Seafaring. An Early Medieval Conference on the Islands of the Atlantic, University of Denver, 3–5 November 2016:
Roschdi, Livia: „Workshop on Old English and Old Frisian Runes. Part I: Introduction to OE Runes; Part II: Franks Casket“.

6) Paper at the conference Digital Britain, Harvard University, Boston, March 2016:
Robins, Jenny: „Presentation of the RuneS Project“.

7) Presentation of the RuneS-Projektes in the „Haus des Geistes“ of the Academy Göttingen for a group of students from the University of Bremen, 17 November 2016, by Kerstin Kazzazi and Elke-Ronneberger-Sibold.

8) Participation in the Workshop der AG „eHumanities“, 9–11 November 2016 in Düsseldorf:
Edith Marold took part as member of the RuneS project group.

Papers and Conference Participation 2015

1) Papers at the conference of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS), 37 August 2015, Glasgow:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Project Presentation“.
Lenker, Ursel: „Anglo-Saxon Micro-Texts: Language and Communicative Functions“.

2) Paper at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 9 July 2015, Session 1640: Runic Reform: Manuscripts and Epigraphy, II:
Bauer, Alessia: „Connections and Interrelations between Manuscript Runes and Epigraphy: Icelandic runica manuscripta between Renewal and Epigraphic Tradition“.

3) Paper and Workshop in the context of the 'Norwich 2000' project, 6 March 2015:
Roschdi, Livia: „Connecting the Continents  Anglo-Saxon Runes in Norfolk“.

4) Paper at the conference SoundScriptLanguage  Recent trends in the research of written languages and media from the runes to cyberspace. An interdisciplinary seminar at Prestegården, Lindesnes, Norway, 1618 October 2015:
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Recent Research on the Anglo-Frisian fuþorc“.

5) Papers in the context of university events:
Roschdi, Livia: „The Question of Anglo-Frisian: Archaeological and Runological Insights“ (SEM in Rostock, March 2015).

6) Participation in the Workshop of the AG „Elektronisches Publizieren“, 14–16 September 2015 in Heidelberg:
Edith Marold took part as member of the RuneS project group.

Papers and Conference Participation 2014

1) Graphonomy meeting, 17 February 2014, CAS, Oslo:
In the framework of the Norwegian CAS project (Center of Advanced Studies at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Oslo) Reading and interpreting runic inscriptions: the theory and method of runology,Christiane Zimmermann and Gaby Waxenberger took part in a workshop on graphemics.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „The Old English fuþorc in the light of a graphonomical framework“.

2) Papers at the 27th Annual Meeting of Field Runologists with the topic „The theory and method of runology“, 4–6 April 2014, Oslo:
Bauer, Alessia: „Runica manuscripta. Methodologische Überlegungen: Probleme und Lösungen“.
Marold, Edith: „Vers oder nicht Vers? Argumente und Kriterien für eine Klassifikation“/„Poetry or not? Implications for interpretation“.
Zimmermann, Ute: „Interpretation von Brakteateninschriften: Methode und Überlegungen“/„Interpretation of Bracteate Inscriptions: Methods and Considerations“.
Zimmermann, Christiane: „Interdisziplinäre Interpretation“.

3) Papers at the conference Across the North Sea. North Sea Connections from AD 400 into the Viking Age. Second Interdisciplinary Symposium on Runes and Related topics in Frisia , 5–8 June 2014, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Methodological and Linguistic Perspectives on the Definition of the Frisian Runic Corpus“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Sounds and Forms in the Frisian Runic Corpus“.
Zimmermann, Christiane: „Cultural contact between the Western Baltic and the North Sea – the evidence of the comb with runic inscription from the emporium reric“.

4) Papers at the 8th International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions with the topic „Reading Runes: Discovery, Decipherment, Documentation“, 1–6 September 2014, Nyköping, Schweden:
At the symposium selected issues from the field of graphemics were presented and discussed from a general theoretical perspective as well as in more practically oriented individual studies. 
Bauer, Alessia: „The case study of Icelandic Runica manuscripta”.
Fischnaller, Andreas/Hofmann, Anne: „The Documentation of Runic Inscriptions using Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)“.
Kazzazi, Kerstin/Zimmermann, Christiane: „Structural and Terminological Challenges of a Bilingual German-English RuneS-Database“.
Krüger, Jana: „Der Gebrauch von punktierten Runen in dänischen Runeninschriften”.
Marold, Edith: „Normalisierung und Transkription, ihre Funktion und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „The Grapheme Inventory of Pre-OE and the Grapheme-Phoneme Relation“.

5) Participation in the workshop of the work group „Elektronisches Publizieren“, 20–21 October 2014 in München:
Edith Marold took part as member of the RuneS project group.

Papers and Conference Participation 2013

1) Minisymposium om runer og runesprog, Institut for Sprog og Kommunikation of Syddansk Universitet, Odense, 21 March 2013:
Marold, Edith: „Bahuvrīhi-Bildungen in den Inschriften des älteren fuþark“.
Zimmermann, Christiane: „Text und Raum: Textstrukturierung und Fokussierung in ausgewählten Runeninschriften“.
Zimmermann, Ute: „Women in the Scandinavian inscriptions in the older fuþark“.

2) LautSchriftSprache III – Third International Conference on Comparative Historical Graphemics, Verona, 25–28 September 2013:
Bauer, Alessia: „Orthophonic Spelling: A Different Kind of ‘Perfect Fit’?“.
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Between universality and individual creativity in spelling – examples from multilingual language acquisition and historical writing systems“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Graphemes: (Re)construction and Interpretation“.

3) Paper for the Linguistic Colloquium of the Faculty of Linguistic and Literature of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstade, 5 January 2013:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Sprachen und Schriften auf der Isle of Man“.

4) Project presentation at the ISAS-Konferenz in Dublin:
Participation by U. Lenker, G. Waxenberger, K. Kazzazi and presentation of RuneS on August 1, 2013 by Gaby Waxenberger and Kerstin Kazzazi.

5) Session chair at the conference Early Germanic Languages in Contact, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 22–23 August 2013:
Participation by E. Ronneberger-Sibold and K. Kazzazi and Session Chair by Elke Ronneberger-Sibold.

6) Participation in the workshop of the Academy »Best Practice: Digitale Korpora« – Workshop der AG „Elektronisches Publizieren“, 8–9 October 2013 in Berlin:
Edith Marold participated as member of the RuneS project group.

Papers and Conference Participation 2012

1) Old English Runes Workshop: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Methodology, 15–17 March 2012, at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt; organized and hosted by the RuneS research unit Eichstätt-München:
Bammesberger, Alfred: „The Ruthwell Crucifixion Poem Revisited: From Various Angles“.
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Methodology: Definition, Approaches, Perspectives“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „The Chronology of the Early Sound Changes: How dependent Are We on Archaeology? “
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Dating and Provenance of the Auzon/Franks Casket from a Linguistic Point of View“.

2) Papers in the context of co-operations with German universities and Antiquities and Monuments Offices:
Düwel, Klaus: „Runeninschriften in Mittel- und Süddeutschland unter bes. Berück­sichtigung des Kammes von Frienstedt“ (Weimar, 12 April 2012, Antiquities and Monuments Office)
Düwel, Klaus: „Runen – Germanische Schriftkommunikation von den Anfängen bis zur Wikingerzeit“ (University of Regensburg, 20 June 2012)
Düwel, Klaus: „Runen und Runeninschriften von den Anfän­gen bis ins Mittelalter“ (University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, 28 November 2012)

3) Paper and project presentation at the 63rd International Sachsensymposion, 1–6 September 2012, at St. John’s College, Durham University, Great Britain:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: Poster presentations: 1. „RuneS-Project“, 2. „The Franks Casket“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „The Franks Casket: Questions of Provenance and Dating“.

4) Project presentation, paper and workshop in the context of a visit by Gaby Waxenberger to the co-operation partner Dr. Lilla Kopár, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., 19–27 September 2012:
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Named Celebrities and Unnamed Masses: Text and Image on the Franks Casket“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Old English Runes and Runology“ (Workshop).

5) Inauguration lecture at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, 4 July 2012:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Schreiben zwischen Kreativität und Konvention: Beispiele aus drei­fachem Erstspracherwerb und historischen Schriftsystemen“.

6) Participation in the workshop of the Academy: „Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen der Akademievorhaben“ – Workshop der AG „Elektro­nisches Publizieren“, 8–9 Oktober 2012 in Göttingen:
Edith Marold took part as RuneS member.

Papers and Conference Participation 2011

1) Runen-Workshop, 3–4 February 2011 at the Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie (ZBSA) in Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig (cf.
Bauer, Alessia: „»Jütländische« Runenfibeln im südgermanischen Bereich. §Runologisches“.
Düwel, Klaus: „Runenkenntnis als Oberschichtenmerkmal“.
Heizmann, Wilhelm: Moderation der Diskussion und Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse der philologischen Beiträge zum Runen-Workshop.
Krüger, Jana: „Die sprachliche Zuordnung der Inschrift auf dem Ortband von Thorsberg“.
Marold, Edith: „Die Inschrift von Tune als religionsgeschichtliches Zeugnis“.
Zimmermann, Christiane: „Inschriften auf nordeuropäischen Fibeln: Versuch über eine ausschließlich sprachlich-runologische Betrachtung der Runen­inschriften unter sozialgeschichtlichen Aspekten“.

2) The use of carved stone monuments in Scandinavia and the Insular area. First workshop of the “International Research Network Runes, Monuments and Memorial Carvings (RMMC)”, Uppsala 1-2 September 2011 (cf.
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „The Academy Project “Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS)” and the Old English Runic Corpus“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Old English Runic Stone Monuments in England“.

3) The Picture Stone Symposium, 7–9 September 2011:
The symposium dealt with the picture stones in Gotland. These are to be regarded as memorial stones with pictorial ornaments, found between c. 400 to 1100 and forming an iconographical source that is unique in Germanic antiquity. The later finds bear runic inscriptions. This was the first specialist conference on the topic ever. Scholars from different disciplines (archaeology, philology, runology etc.) from Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain and America participated in this historic event. The contributions are published in the journal Gotländskt Arkiv (84, 2012):
Oehrl, Sigmund: „New iconographic interpretations of Gotlandic picture stones based on surface re-analysis“.

4) Papers in the context of further events and conferences:
Heizmann, Wilhelm: „Die Goldbrakteaten. Ikonographie und Religion der Völkerwande­rungszeit“, on invitation of Prague University.
Heizmann, Wilhelm: „Der zweite Merseburger Zauberspruch und die Ikonographie der völkerwanderungszeitlichen Goldbrakteaten“, Guest Lecture at Regensburg University.

5) Participation in the workshop of the Academy: „Die Digitalisierung von Schriftzeichen aus nicht-lateinischen Schriftkreisen“ at Mainz Academy, 10–12 October 2011:
The RuneS project group was represented by: Edith Marold, Sigmund Oehrl, Elisabeth Magin.

Papers and Conference Participation 2010

1) Project presentation and papers at the Seventh International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions: „Runes in Context“,Oslo, August 2010:
Zimmermann, Christiane, Waxenberger, Gaby, Kazzazi, Kerstin, Bauer, Alessia: Research project „Runische Schriftlichkeit in den germanischen Sprachen – Runic writing in the Germanic languages (RuneS)“.
Bauer, Alessia: „Recent Finds from the Continent: Problems and Perspectives of the Alamannic ‘Runic Province’“.
Krüger, Jana: „Zur archäologischen und runologischen Interpretation der sog. Schrap- bzw. Schabmesser (norw. kjøttkniv)“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „The development of the Old English fuþorc and the Perfect Fit“.
Zimmermann, Ute: „Bier, Runen und Macht – ein Formelwort im Kontext“.

2) Project presentation and paper at the conference LautSchriftSprache ­II –  ScriptandSound II: „The (Dis)ambiguity of the Grapheme“,München, September 2010:
Kazzazi, Kerstin: „Runische Schriftlichkeit in den germanischen Sprachen – Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS)“.
Waxenberger, Gaby: „Grapheme, phoneme and the ‘perfect fit’ of the Old English fuþorc“.

3) Project presentations in the context of university lecture series:
Düwel, Klaus: Project presentation at Göttingen University, in the context of the lecture „Germanische Altertumskunde/Epigraphik (Runen)“.
Zimmermann, Christiane: Project presentation at the Scandinavian Seminar at Göttingen University, in the context of the lecture „Runenschrift und Runen­inschriften“ in the winter term 2009/10).


Kiel (project co-ordination)

Prof. Dr. Edith Marold

Dr. Christiane Zimmermann


„Südgermanische Runeninschriften“
Prof. Dr. Klaus Düwel

„Runica Manuscripta“
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heizmann


PD Dr. Kerstin Kazzazi 

Prof. Dr. Gaby Waxenberger