Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Supervision of academic qualification theses and visiting programs

PhD dissertations (ongoing):

The Pre-Frisian and Pre-Old English Runic Inscriptions: Two Corpora or One? The Frisian Question Revisited: Livia Roschdi (Project doctoral candidate)
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

Fälschungen und fälschungsverdächtige Runeninschriften aus dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert: Philipp Simon
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

The Reconstruction of the Ruthwell Cross Runic Text: Kerstin Majewski
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

Runes in Old English Manuscripts: What Functions Do They Fulfill?: Niklas Biessenberger
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)


Master theses /Magister theses (completed):

The Ruthwell Cross: Kerstin Majewski
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

The Early Rune Forms: Niklas Biessenberger
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

The Bergakker Scabbard Mount. The Language of the Inscription: Jenny Robins
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)

Runensteine als Quelle für die Rolle der Frau in der Wikingerzeit: Jana Fohrmann
(Supervisor: Christiane Zimmermann)

Die Runensteine Bornholms als Zeugnisse der Christianisierung Skandinaviens: Deike Winter
(Supervisor: Christiane Zimmermann)


In addition, runological topics are regularly assigned for B.A. theses and final theses for the state exam (Zulassungsarbeiten).


Abschlussarbeit Euro-Scholar Programme:
The Euro-scholar-Programme is a programme of the elite universities in Europe. The candidates apply and if they are accepted they come to the respective university for a term (here: Munich University) and participate actively in a research project. Emile Young was the first participant at Munich University.

The Intriguing Runic Inscription on the Gandersheim Casket: Emile Young
(Supervisor: Gaby Waxenberger)


RuneSScholar Programme:
The RuneSScholar Programme, initiated by the RuneS research unit Eichstaett-Munich, offers a student from abroad a research visit of one or two months to Eichstaett, during which he/she is made familiar with the field of runology and the research undertaken at the RuneS research unit. The student independently carries out a short assignment independently, for which he/she receives a certificate issued by RuneS

RuneSScholars hitherto:

June 2013: Susan Elizabeth Newman Ooi (Catholic University of America)

July 2014: Elizabeth Holley Ledbetter (University of Texas at Austin)


Kiel (project co-ordination)

Prof. Dr. Edith Marold

Dr. Christiane Zimmermann


„Südgermanische Runeninschriften“
Prof. Dr. Klaus Düwel 

„Runica Manuscripta“
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heizmann


PD Dr. Kerstin Kazzazi

Prof. Dr. Gaby Waxenberger