Krüger, Jana, Dr. phil.

2010–June 2016 project researcher in the project Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS), since then associate member.

Academic career:
Studies of Nordic Philology, Linguistics and Archaeology at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel and the University of Bergen (Norway), MA 1999, PhD 2006

Since 2001 researcher at the Institute of Scandinavian Studies, Frisian Studies and General Linguistics (ISFAS, formerly Department of Nordic Philology) at the University of Kiel: 2001–2009 staff member of the project "Linguistic database of the runic inscriptions in the Older Futhark" (funded by the DFG), also, since 2002 lecturer (part time) at the Department of Nordic Philology at the University of Kiel.

Since 2009 project researcher in the project "New edition of Skaldic poetry" (funded by the DFG).

Main research interests:
Runology, Kings’ sagas, metrics, Skaldic poetry.



Institut für Skandinavistik, Frisistik und Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
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24098 Kiel

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Selected Publications