Palumbo, Alessandro

Since February 2018 researcher in the Academy project Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS).

Academic career:

2010 Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies (German and Swedish) at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”; 2012 Master of Arts in Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University; 2013 Bachelor of Science in Upper Secondary Education (teacher training), Uppsala University.

Since 2014 PhD fellow at the Department of Scandinavian Languages, Uppsala University, writing a dissertation with the title “Changing writing systems: a graphematic and palaeographic study of the Swedish medieval runic inscriptions”. Date of defence: 28 April 2018; Jan–July 2014 research fellow in the project “Reading and interpreting runic inscriptions: the theory and method of runology” at Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy for Science and Letters; June–July 2015 research assistant in the project Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages (RuneS).

Main research interests:
Runology, graphemics, Nordic philology, Scandinavian language history.



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Selected Publications