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Scripta Antiquitatis Posterioris ad Ethicam REligionemque pertinentia Schriften der späteren Antike zu ethischen und religiösen Fragen

Sapere-Zitat für den Monat September

καὶ ὅστις οὖν τὸ φανταστικὸν πνεῦμα νοσεῖ, μὴ ἀπαιτείτω σαφῆ μηδὲ εἰλικρινῆ τὰ θεάματα· ἥτις δὲ αὐτοῦ νόσος, καὶ οἷς λημᾷ καὶ παχύνεται, καὶ οἷς καθαί ρεται καὶ ἀπειλικρινεῖται καὶ εἰς τὴν φύσιν ἐπάνεισι, τῆς ἀπορρήτου φιλοσοφίας πυνθάνου, ὑφ’ ἧς καὶ καθαιρόμενον διὰ τελετῶν, ἔνθεον γίνεται. αἵ τε εἰσκρίσεις πρὶν τὸν θεὸν ἐπεισαγαγεῖν τὸ φανταστικόν, ἐκθέουσι. 

No one who has a disease of his imaginative pneuma should expect his vision to be clear and uncon taminated. What a disease of the pneuma is, what makes it bleary or thickened, and by what means it is purified and decontaminated and returns to its own nature, are questions you must ask of the secret philosophy, through which, purified also by rituals, it becomes filled with god and the ompurities disappear from it before the imagination can admit the god.


On Prophecz, Dreams and Human Imagination. Synesius, De insomniis, SAPERE-Bd. 24, S. 22f. *Synesius, De insomniis, 5.10-16).

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