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Germania Sacra

Klöster und Stifte des Alten Reiches

Germania Sacra offers the beta version of an online database of monasteries, convents and collegiate churches of the Old Empire. The scholarly database aims to provide a research tool that contains basic data on religious houses on the territory of the Old Empire, from the foundation of monastic communities to the Reformation or Secularisation.

This website offers a preview of the database in the form of a selection of datasets.

The database provides basic information and allows queries based on affiliation to religious orders and on the duration of this affiliation, on dates of foundation and dissolution and on geographic location.

The results of queries can be displayed on interactive maps that visualise the monastic landscape of the medieval and early modern periods. Temporal periodisation as well as regional and thematic criteria can be modified by the user.

The database is linked to the project’s monographs on monasteries, convents and collegiate churches. Digitised versions of these publications are freely available. The entries of communities in the database also list those clerics associated with the respective religious houses who appear in Germania Sacra’s publications. Entries on such clerics are linked to the Germania Sacra’s digital registry of persons as well as the corresponding locations in the digitised volumes. This provides further opportunities for research.

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