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Digital Index of Persons – Current Content

Processing Status of the Digital Index of Persons

So far, the personnel lists of the following bishop series and institutions have been systematically recorded:  

Bishop Series

Monasteries, Convents, Collegiate Churches, Cathedral Chapters

Diocese Augsburg

  • Augustinian Monastery Bernried
  • Benedictine Abbey Benediktbeuern
  • Benedictine Abbey Wessobrunn

Archdiocese Cologne

  • Benedictine Abbey Brauweiler
  • Convent St. Cyriakus in Geseke
  • Cistercian Abbey Marienstatt

Diocese Constance

  • Premonstratesian Monastery Marchtal
  • (Secular) Convent Buchau at the Federsee
  • Cistercian Convent Wald

Diocese Halberstadt

  • Collegiate Church St. Nicholas in Stendal

Diocese Meißen

  • Collegiate Church St. Peter, Bautzen

Diocese Münster

  • Convent and Benedictine Monastery Liesborn
  • Monastery Old Dome St. Paul, Münster
  • Collegiate Church St. Mauritz by Münster
  • Cistercian, later Benedictine convent St. Aegidii by Münster
  • Cistercian Abbey Marienfeld, Münster
  • (Secular) Convent Nottuln

Diocese Naumburg

  • Collegiate Church St. Peter and Paul, Zeitz

Diocese Paderborn

  • Cistercian Abbey Bredelar

Archdiocese Salzburg

  • Augustinian Monastery St. Zeno in Reichenhall

Archdiocese Trier

  • Monastery St. Martin in Idstein
  • Monastery St. Maria in Kyllburg
  • Benedictine Abbey Laach
  • Collegiate Church St. Martin and St. Severus, Münstermaifeld
  • Monastery St. Maria in (Trier-)Pfalzel
  • Monastery St. Simeon in Trier
  • Benedictine Abbey St. Eucharius – St. Matthias by Trier
  • Monastery St. Walpurgis in Weilburg

Diocese Würzburg

  • Monasteries in Schmalkalden and Römhild
  • Benedictine Abbey and Secular Monastery for Aristocratic Canons St. Burkard in Würzburg